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Iowa Department of Education

Summary: The Iowa K-3 Innovative Program Grants for At-Risk Early Elementary Students is a competitive grant made available to eligible Iow...

Award Description: Grant awards average approximately $70,000 per elementary school building. Maximum award is $150,000. The number of grants to be a...
Texas Office of the Governor

Summary: Established by the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, the STOP Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Program seeks to develop and imp...

Award Description: Up to $9,000,000 is available in FY 2018.  Awards must be at least $5,000 and extend for a period of 1 year. Cost sharing/matching...
Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)


TxDOT funding supports the targets and strategies of traffic safety programs to reduce the number of motor vehicle related cras...

Award Description:

Up to $45,000,000 is available in total funding. Individual award amounts vary. Cost sharing/matching of 20% is required. Grant...


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