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Aug 12 2021 2:00PM

As a sense of normalcy starts to return to many areas of the country, many public sector agencies are still struggling to rebound. Financial constraints stemming from the pandemic continue to put many important government and education services in peril. The true impact is not measured by lost revenue and other financial indicators, but by the residents and students that continue to suffer and ultimately bear the burden of the pandemic.

Fortunately, funding has started to flow from the American Rescue Plan. While these dollars can be used for COVID response efforts, Congress specifically built-in provisions with an eye towards the future. Much of the funding is aimed at helping government agencies overcome budget shortfalls and ensure students can return to schools while retaining the flexibility offered by remote and hybrid learning environments. 

Join Grants Office and special guests from SHI as we explore the various funding sources available and ensure you are armed with the funding tools and strategies necessary to implement your technology-enabled projects. Whether you are with a state or local government, healthcare organization, K-12 school, or institution of higher education, this session will help you make the most of the stimulus funding being made available to your organization.

Jul 1 2021 2:00PM

Each year over $1 billion in grant funding is distributed by federal, state and foundation grantmakers. In addition to this annual money, the federal government has made over $6 trillion in stimulus funds available over the past 16 months. However, simply knowing that the money exists does not bring you any closer funding your community broadband initiative, securing your hybrid learning environment, advancing your smart transportation project, or accommodating providers and patients through telehealth devices.

Join experts from Grants Office and Insight Public Sector to learn more about the latest technology you will need in a post-Pandemic world, specific grants that will pay for it and how Insight is teaming with Grants Office to make sure you have grant specialists available to you for your grantseeking efforts. This session has something for everyone - we urge you to attend whether you are an institution of higher education, K-12 school, state or local agency, healthcare provider or tribal entity.

May 4 2021 1:00PM

The new American Rescue Plan stimulus bill provides a massive $350 billion dollars of direct aid to state and local governments. As funding is beginning to make its way to government agencies and organizations across the country, it comes with a wide range of allowable uses – including training and skill building for underemployed workers, healthcare providers, public health officials, election workers, educators, students, and many others. Of course, all of this training is being delivered online.  

Join Grants Office and Cornerstone for a review of the new American Rescue Plan state and local grant funds that can help agencies across the public sector get their teams and constituents the training they need to thrive in 2021 and beyond. During this session, we’ll also review tips for leveraging these programs, and highlights of how organizations are leveraging on-demand learning from Cornerstone to make it all happen.

If you are looking to leverage American Rescue Plan funding to deliver high impact and actionable content to your team and your community, you won’t want to miss this event!

Apr 20 2021 1:00PM

The latest round of COVID-19 stimulus funding signed into law on December 27th, 2020 provides funding to state and local governments for a variety of activities: vaccine planning and distribution; contact tracing, testing, and surveillance; transportation improvements; and broadband initiatives. However, it can be challenging to figure out how to access these funds, how they can be spent, and how they can fund your technology initiatives. Beyond this stimulus funding, there’s also a variety of other federal, state, and foundation grants that can fund cybersecurity technology solutions.
Join Grants Office and Okta for a webinar about the stimulus funding that is available to support technology-rich projects at the state and local government level. If you’re looking to take advantage of the COVID-19 stimulus funding in 2021, you won’t want to miss this event

Mar 25 2021 8:00AM

Le Gouvernement Français a placé les Petites et Moyennes Entreprises et les Entreprises de Taille Intermédiaire au cœur de son Plan de Relance pour faire face à la COVID-19, en déployant des mesures inédites de soutien financier afin d’encourager l'investissement et la modernisation de ses entreprises. Le résultat final se traduit par de nombreuses subventions attrayantes qui peuvent être mobilisées pour les clients de Cisco en 2021 et au-delà. Mais les financements circulent rapidement ! Seuls ceux qui sont prêts à saisir ces opportunités historiques pourront faire avancer leurs projets à vocation technologique grâce à un financement par subvention.

Chers partenaires, joignez-vous aux représentants de Cisco et de Grants Office pour aider vos clients à bénéficier des meilleures opportunités actuellement disponibles dans le large paysage des aides financières en France pour soutenir leurs projets de transformation digitale ! Nous discuterons des programmes de relance adaptés à la technologie, des solutions qui sont en demande et des ressources gratuites de soutien aux subventions que vous pouvez exploiter pour sécuriser vos projets communs avec vos clients et augmenter vos ventes grâce à ces subventions

Mar 16 2021 2:00PM

Another round of historic stimulus funding has created yet more new opportunities for local governments to leverage technology to transform the way they deliver services to citizens in the wake of the pandemic and beyond.

Join Grants Office and special guests from SHI for a look at the latest stimulus funding bill, how these appropriations expand and enhance both past stimulus programs and the annual funding being distributed in the current fiscal year. We’ll also be discussing how technology can help make your agency more efficient and effective, and how the SHI Grants Support Program can help you get it done.

If you’re feeling like there’s a lot of funding flying around and you want to make sure you capture every dollar you can, you won't want to miss this event!

Jan 13 2021 3:00PM


As government IT leaders look to support a newly distributed/hybrid workforce, while empowering teams with the tools needed to be more effective and productive in any environment, they are being faced with reduced budgets. Fortunately, funding has been allocated to support the nation’s ongoing response to the impact of the global pandemic.

Join Grants Office and Logitech in this high-impact informative session as we unpack:

·        NEW funding available in the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act

·        Outline updates on the CARES Act

·        Share best practices in equipping distributed/hybrid workforces and workplaces to support continuity and improved service delivery to constituents

This session will be no longer than 30 minutes and cover important questions such as: 

·        What projects can Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act be used?

·        What projects can CARES Act funding be used?

·        Who in my organization should I involve?

·        What key dates do I need to keep in mind?

·        When do I have to obligate funds?

·        Can I get reimbursed for technology expenses related to COVID?

·        What conferencing and productivity solutions are addressing these challenges?

Free Whitepaper

All registered attendees will receive a copy of the Top 3 Ways to Make the Most of Stimulus Funding: High-Priority Technology Needs in Education, Healthcare and Government whitepaper to learn how investments in video conferencing, communication, and productivity devices can support your program goals and provide long term economic and social benefits.

Dec 15 2020 12:00AM

Hope springs eternal as the U.S. Government rolls out recently approved vaccinations that will put the Coronavirus nightmare in the rearview mirror. However, lost revenue and budget shortfalls will continue to impact state and local governments, education entities and healthcare providers in the immediate future and well beyond the point that Coronavirus is no longer considered a pandemic. 


At this point, public sector agency staff are exhausted as they struggle to fund critical operations that are crucial to serving their constituency. We want to help! Logitech has partnered with Grants Office, LLC to make sure you are armed with up-to-date information on stimulus funds that you can access to support pandemic-induced changes to workflow and operations, such as distance learning in educational settings, remote work for state and local government agencies and telemedicine in the healthcare sector.     


In order to maximize the investment of your time, Logitech and Grants Office, LLC will host 3 separate Stimulus Quick Hits sessions on January 13. Each one will be focused on a specific sector and will last 20 minutes. The session will include the latest grants intelligence on stimulus funding as well as a brief overview of Logitech solutions that can help get you through the Pandemic. We look forward to your attendance at one or more of the sessions:

  • Stimulus Quick Hits: Maximizing Your Share of COVID Relief Funding for Education Entities; 1PM Eastern
  • Stimulus Quick Hits: Maximizing Your Share of COVID Relief Funding for Healthcare Entities; 2PM Eastern
  • Stimulus Quick Hits: Maximizing Your Share of COVID Relief Funding for State and Local Government Agencies; 3PM Eastern

Nov 17 2020 1:00PM



The CARES Act funding in Texas has entered an urgent stage, where it needs to be allocated and spent in the next 3-8 weeks. Large buckets of funding remain available across a variety of grant opportunities in the K-12 education, healthcare, public safety, and state and local government sectors. If you’ve considered Chromebooks, tablets, or smartphones for remote learning, telehealth, social distancing, situational awareness, and working from home, CARES funding can potentially fund these projects. However, it can be challenging to figure out what funding opportunities are available, how to access them, and how they can be used to fund your mobility-enabled projects. Beyond the CARES Act, there’s also a variety of other federal, state, and foundation grants that can support a wide range of mobility-friendly initiatives across Texas, particularly in response to the COVID crisis.

Join grants professionals from Grants Office and special guests from Samsung for a fireside chat about the Texas funding that is available to support mobility-powered initiatives and updates from the front lines on how this technology is transforming public sector services.

If you’re looking to take advantage of CARES funding to develop or expand a mobility project in 2021, you won’t want to miss this event!

May 20 2020 2:00PM

The CARES Act provides an additional $400 million to the regular annual Help America Vote Act funding to facilitate and secure this year’s election cycle, and the funding has already begun to make its way to local election officials.

State-by-state distribution procedures vary, and the funds can be used for a wide range of election initiatives that include printing and mailing ballots, securing election systems, and disinfecting election facilities, to name just a few examples. 

Join Grants Office and special guests from Carahsoft for a review of the HAVA and CARES Act funding, a discussion of the different elements of election administration and security thee programs will fund, and a look at technology securing election systems around the country. If you’re looking to make the most of all the funding available for local election operations, you won’t want to miss this event!

Apr 29 2020 2:00PM

Telework gets a lot of attention in the CARES Act, for obvious reasons, and Congress has appropriated billions of dollars through more than a dozen programs that can fund telework for employees of state and local governments, hospitals, schools, and institutions of higher education.

Everyone is deploying some form of telework in their agencies, and knowing which programs can fund telework and how to access the funding can make the difference between covering the excess cost of this technology and straining already tight budgets to accommodate this new reality.

Join Grants Office and special guests from Carahsoft and Palo Alto Networks for a look at how the CARES Act provides for telework operations, approaches for getting telework funded through these programs, and the latest technology that can make your telework initiative more robust and secure. If you’ve been looking for ways to expand and improve the way your teams connect, you won’t want to miss this event!

Apr 7 2020 2:00PM

Congress has passed three bills in the past month, appropriating 2.4 trillion dollars to help states and local communities respond to the coronavirus pandemic and alleviate the severe economic distress that has come with it. Among the unemployment insurance benefits and checks to individuals are billions of dollars in grants for healthcare, education, and public safety. And most of these funds are intended to be distributed quickly.

Join the Grants Office team for an (admittedly wonky) analysis of the grant funding included in all three bills. We'll cover the parameters and amounts of new funding that will be available and discuss how these funds will be distributed across the public sector landscape.

As with the stimulus grants of 2008, preparation now can make the difference in getting the funding you need to meet your community's critical needs!

Feb 11 2020 2:00PM

Funding can often be the single biggest barrier to implementing innovative projects that have the potential to significantly improve the impact and effectiveness of state and local government agencies.

* Meaningful technology-enabled projects can improve the safety and economic well-being of citizens, reduce traffic congestion, and foster a more dynamic community, and it’s not unusual to have a backlog of great but unfunded project ideas. Don’t let a lack of funding stand in the way of progress!

* Join Grants Office and special guests from Strictly Tech and HP, as we discuss upcoming federal and state funding for local and state government agencies. In this one-hour webinar, we’ll also provide tips for developing a fundable technology project and discuss best practices for leveraging technology to advance government initiatives.

As a special thank-you, everyone who registers will receive a PDF copy of Technology-friendly Grants for Florida Governments, full of details on grant programs that will be available throughout the coming year. If you have projects, you’re looking to fund this year, you won’t want to miss this fast-paced and informative event!

Nov 18 2019 2:00PM

Join Grants Office for a discussion of what to expect in the coming year from federal and state funders, and highlights of some of the most promising new grant programs. Grants Office CEO Michael Paddock will also be taking a few moments to introduce our new Annual Grants Support Program, aimed at empowering institutions and communities across the country with access to relevant, actionable grants intelligence and support.

May 30 2019 2:00PM

To flourish, K-12 schools must equip staff and students with the right tools and technologies to empower exceptional teaching and learning experiences. This is easier said than done with today’s funding challenges and EdTech obstacles. This webinar will feature industry experts in district IT management, successful grant writing, and education technologies. Highlights will include:

Hurdles, Accelerators, and Tech Enablers with Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN

Join Keith Krueger, CEO of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), to learn how to overcome EdTech hurdles by leveraging EdTech accelerators at your district. Keith will also outline education megatrends which are likely to foster, hinder, or enable innovation at schools around the world.

New technologies for teaching, learning, and assessment with Google, HP, and AMD

Education experts from Google, HP, and AMD will present new technologies for teaching and learning, including the very latest bespoke education-focus devices and new features within the Google for Education ecosystem.

Successful grant writing strategies with Grants Office

As demand for the latest classroom innovations has increased, funding has stagnated, or even decreased. Hear from the experts at The Grants Office for a preview of available tech-friendly K12 grants, so that you can continue to deliver exceptional teaching and learning experiences.

If you are interested in learning more about the resources and tools to further your district’s technology plan, you won’t want to miss this event!

May 9 2019 2:00PM

Communities across the country are looking for funding to deal with the growing opioid epidemic. Through the traditional appropriations process and the recent passage of the SUPPORT Act, the federal government is planning significant investments in fighting the crisis over the next decade. But there are so many components to the problem that organizations are often overwhelmed and often times don't know where to start. Funding can be found across the federal landscape regardless of whether you are a healthcare provider delivering prevention and treatment services, a public health agency conducting surveillance of the problem or first responders and public safety personnel dealing with it on the front lines.

Join Grants Office and special guests from the City of New Orleans Health Department as we review upcoming funding sources for opioid-related projects, offer tips to increase your chances of winning, and discuss technology-solutions that can be used by communities to tackle the opioid crisis!

Whether you’re involved in law enforcement, public health, treatment or prevention efforts – you’ll find something useful for you in this face-paced and informative event!

May 7 2019 2:00PM

The landscape of modern law enforcement leverages a wide array of video tools, including video surveillance, in-car and body-worn cameras. The reasons public agencies adopt such video technology are much the same as those that prompted the first runs of videotape-based surveillance in the 1960s – namely, the expansion of monitoring and evidence-collection capabilities. Today, video technology is considered a crucial tool for law enforcement activities – particularly as its availability and list of use-cases continue to expand.

As demand for such video technology increases, law enforcement and other public safety agencies must find a way to pay for upfront and ongoing maintenance costs. A comprehensive program is more than purchasing cameras; it involves the crafting and implementation of policies and procedures, officer training, digital evidence management and public outreach.

Join Grants Office as we explore the Body-worn Camera Policy and Implementation Program from strategy to application to highlights of past years’ winning projects.

May 2 2019 2:00PM

For years, grant funding for K-12 school safety had been largely reactionary - meaning, an incident needed to occur before funds were made available. The tragic loss of life at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in early 2018, and the subsequent March for Our Lives rally in Washington D.C., however, acted as a tipping point. With a nation crying out that "enough is enough" both the US Congress and several state's legislatures have taken action to appropriate grant funding for preventative school safety solutions.

Join Grants Office and special guests from NetApp and Tech Data as we cover state and federal agencies with grant funding specifically for school safety initiatives, including the open School Violence Prevention Program. We'll also review how partnerships with public safety agencies can be leveraged to receive additional state and federal funding, and discuss examples of grant-fundable campus safety technologies.

If your school is in need of technology-enabled safety solutions, especially fixed video surveillance, you won’t want to miss this fast-paced and informative session!

Mar 20 2019 2:00PM

For any city or county, successfully implementing a major technology initiative demands solid strategy and effective tools to make it happen. Fortunately, your partners at Insight Public Sector and NetApp and have brought together resources and best practices to help make launching your technology project a whole lot easier.

Join a group of leaders from NetApp, Insight Public Sector, and Grants Office for an end-to-end discussion of best practices for developing, funding, procuring, and deploying your next technology project.

We’ll be discussing:

- Developing a 360-degree project plan for your technology project: how Insight Public Sector works with municipal customers like yours to develop winning project plans

- Funding your project from internal and external sources: how the NetApp Grants Support program can help you identify new sources of funding

- Procuring the technology and services when you need them and at the right price: how OMNIA Partners, Public Sector (subsidiaries US Communities and National IPA) enables you to easily and confidently acquire everything you need at the best overall supplier government pricing

- Deploying your technology initiative with fewer snags: how Insight Public Sector and NetApp cut costs, reduce risks, and bring industry-leading experience to all levels of government

If you're looking to streamline your next technology rollout, you won't want to miss this fast-paced and informative webinar!

Jun 27 2018 2:00PM

An entire subset of federal grant programs provides millions of dollars in support of Tribal projects, and because they are more narrowly focused than most other grants, they may also be less competitive. But in order to tap into these funds for your Tribal initiatives, it’s important to know where to find them and how to structure your application to win.

This is especially true for technology-rich projects, which fit with a number of these grant programs, but only as a means of achieving the educational, healthcare, and public safety objectives of the programs.

Join Grants Office CEO Michael Paddock and special guests from PCMG and Dell for a look at the landscape of Tribal-focused grants and the technology solutions they support. We’ll also discuss steps to developing an impactful technology-rich project that addresses your community’s need and objectives, as well as tips for making your proposal truly competitive.

If you're looking to get a Tribal project funded this year, you won't want to miss this fast-paced and informative webinar!

Apr 25 2018 2:00PM

Now that the 2018 federal budget is finalized, the workforce development funding landscape has come into clearer focus. Colleges and universities continue to play a key role in integrating emerging technologies to support progressive, deeper learning approaches to prepare students for the workforce.

We’ve assembled Grants Office’s thought leaders Elizabeth Evans, Chris LaPage, and Michael Paddock for a packed hour of program highlights, funding opportunities, and technologies you can leverage in the coming year to take your campus workforce readiness initiative to the next level.

If you're looking for funding to upgrade or expand your college or university's workforce development program in the next 2-3 years, you won't want to miss this event!

Feb 27 2018 2:00PM

In applications across the country, video as a tool for public safety and justice has increased officer safety, improved community relations, and supported convictions, and as a result, we see cameras cropping up all over – on buildings, in cruisers, on uniforms, and even on handguns. But adding new cameras, especially rolling out video initiatives across an entire department, can be expensive, and even if you can afford the cameras, the existing IT infrastructure may not support them. This is a common issue that can lead to chicken-and-egg discussions about upgrading infrastructure or buying cameras and can present a serious barrier to deploying the video tools you know will advance your public safety mission.

Fortunately, there are resources available to help make your video deployment possible, without breaking the budget.

Join Grants Office and special guests from the SentiVault team as we discuss a two-pronged approach to solving the budget-infrastructure dilemma. First, Grants Office consultants will show you how to find and access video-friendly grants to fund the purchase and deployment of cameras and the infrastructure they need to run optimally. Second, the SentiVault team will provide guidelines for planning and configuring a video initiative, so that it uses only the bandwidth and storage it needs and keeps operating costs down.

If you’re considering starting or expanding a video initiative this year, you won’t want to miss this event!

Special Note: Everyone who registers for this event will receive a PDF copy of the 2018 Guide to Grants that Fund Law Enforcement Video, full of information on video-friendly grants and tips for getting your video project funded.

Feb 7 2018 2:00PM

The Grants.gov Workspace has finally arrived, and it's a major step forward in electronic grants administration!

Join the Grants Office team for this orientation to what's new with Workspace, including how to manage the people and documents associated with your proposal, and tips for making the most of the tools Workspace offers.

We believe this interface is going to be around for a long time, and developing a good working knowledge of the system will be time well spent. If you're planning to submit a federal grant application in the foreseeable future, you won't want to miss this event!

Nov 30 2017 2:00PM

Technology is playing in increasingly prominent role in literacy initiatives across the nation. While such initiatives are producing promising results, we often see those districts with the greatest literacy challenges experience the greatest struggle in paying for new technology solutions that could aid in improving student literacy. As these districts endeavor to make ends meet, literacy-supporting software and equipment take a back seat to things like curriculum development, teacher training, and classroom supplies. Fortunately, there are grants that can help these high-need districts find the funding they require to make their technology-enhanced literacy program a reality!

The Department of Education’s Innovative Approaches to Literacy (IAL) grant program is expected to open this spring, and supports high-quality programs designed to develop and improve literacy skills for children and students from birth through 12th grade in high-need local educational agencies and schools.

Join Grants Office and special guests from Microsoft and Connection Public Sector Solutions for an in-depth look at this literacy-focused, technology-friendly grant program as well as some of the latest literacy supporting technology on the market. We’ll also discuss tips for making your proposal truly competitive. If you're looking to upgrade your district’s literacy program, you won't want to miss this fast-paced and informative webinar!

Nov 14 2017 2:00PM

For public safety officials in any community, successfully implementing a body-worn camera initiative demands solid strategy and effective tools, as well as sufficient funding to make it happen.

This fast-paced, one-hour webinar will cover:

• Developing a 360-degree project plan for your body-worn camera project: technical specifications and guidance from experts who’ve worked hands-on in dozens of BWC deployments

• Funding your project with grants: an overview of the DOJ’s BWC funding and a host of other potential sources of funding for your project

• Deploying your BWC initiative with fewer snags: tips for avoiding common pitfalls

If you're looking to streamline and fund your BWC rollout, you won't want to miss this informative webinar!

Oct 30 2017 2:00PM

Every year, nearly $50 billion dollars in grant funds are awarded by private and corporate foundations – with many of these dollars going to support education initiatives. For those who have only considered state or federal competitive grant opportunities, this means that you could be missing out on a number of relevant funding sources. Foundation funders are often less constrained in their grant making, and as a result, can be quite technology-friendly as well. Further, foundation grants are a great way for staff at schools or districts with little to no grant-seeking experience to hone their skills.

Join Grants Office and special guests from Microsoft and Connection Public Sector Solutions for a fast-paced review of tips for developing proposals in response to foundation funding opportunities, in addition to some of the most popular education technologies available to districts. Whether you’re looking to fund a few devices for a single classroom or a larger education technology initiative spanning your entire district or school, this session will give you the foundation you need to find and compete for grants from a wide variety of foundation funders!

Feb 21 2017 2:00PM

In ways we could only imagine a decade ago, technology is improving the delivery of services across state and local governments. Isolated systems can now work together, we have the capacity to capture and analyze data like never before, and information can be delivered into our hands exactly how and when we need it.

But all this advancement comes at a price, sometimes a steep one, and funding to support innovation can seem elusive. Fortunately, there are a number of federal and state grant programs that have been specifically created to support innovation in specific public sector applications, and learning about them is the first step in accessing them!

Join Grants Office CEO and special guests from NetApp for a fast-paced look at how leading communities have been able to fund innovation and the technologies that have dramatically improved outcomes across government. As a thank you for participating in this event, every government representative who registers will receive a free Grants Office Funding Opportunity Report, developed just for you with information you provide and detailing the grant opportunities that could fund your community’s plans for innovation.

Feb 12 2015 2:00PM

Increasingly, campus officials are seeking to employ video-based security initiatives to improve student safety and reduce crime across their campuses, and led by the Department of Justice’s Grants to Reduce Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking on Campus Program, a number of grantmakers are supporting their efforts. 

Join Grants Office CEO Michael Paddock and special guests from NetApp for a look at how video is making campuses safer and what funding sources universities and colleges can access to help them pay for it. We will also cover some strategies for articulating a case for campus security enhancements based on the benefits that they will provide to the institution, it students and faculty, and the wider community. 

Jan 15 2015 2:00PM

Virtualization is being funded on campuses across the country. However, because there is no single “virtualization” grant program, universities that wish to obtain funding for the technology are required to articulate it either as an infrastructure project or as a part of a PI-led research project and evaluate prospective funders accordingly. 

Join Grants Office CEO Michael Paddock and special guests from NetApp as we highlight the best funding sources for virtualization projects and discuss what they each will require in order to support them. We will also review best practices for integrating a technology like virtualization into a proposal so that it supports the objectives of the project and strengthens the case for support. 


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